Client Reviews

Truly the best lawyer I’ve ever had!

I'm sitting in my chair just speechless. I've never had a dismissal and ill tell you what, this whole time i was hoping for one but didnt really know if it was possible. Everyone was truly genuinely concerned about me. From the Honorable, Judge Grizzard, to the Prosecutor and yes I will never forget David Frank, attny.

Thank you David Frank

I would like to thank you David for everything you've done for me. You've exceeded all my expectations as a great person and a lawyer. You're a very trustworthy, responsive, knowledgeable, and informative lawyer, but most importantly you were very genuine and sincere. For anyone reading this review I can promise David Frank will do his best for you, like he did for me. I was more than pleased with the outcome and his dedication. He goes the extra mile, thank you again David!

Greatest DUI Defense Attorney Period

July 18, 2015

My experience with David Frank was phenomenal. He got me released from jail ASAP, and made sure I was realistically prepared for trial. I had 4 charges total, including a felony. He was able to get the FELONY dropped to a misdemeanor, and 2 other charges dropped completely. I was originally facing a year in jail. Thanks to his awesome litigation skills, that sentence changed to 2 years probation, with an interlock device installed, 100 hours community service, and a $4000.00 fine. But that's not all. By the time we made it in front of the Judge, he was able to get my probation dropped to 18 months, interlock dropped to 1 year, community service dropped to 60 hours, and had my $4000.00 fine DISMISSED entirely. David Frank is without a doubt the best DUI defense attorney PERIOD.

If you need a GREAT CRIMINAL ATTORNEY at your side, I strongly recommend DAVID FRANK

David Frank was extremely helpful in resolving my criminal case, and represented me with professionalism, integrity, and understanding that was beyond my expectations. He continuously broke down all options, worked closely within the system to help me reach a resolution which was favorable, and allowed me to move forward in my life.. He is fair, friendly, and extremely intelligent. I was fortunate to have David Frank on my team, and I strongly recommend David Frank to anyone who finds themselves in a situation where you need a GREAT ATTORNEY.

Successful Resolution of Case

I am an out of state client that had no previous knowledge of David Frank or his abilities. He treated me exceptionally well and resolved my case favorably. I would highly recommend him.

Results Producer

When our son was arrested in Austin, Atty. Frank was recommended to us. The charges were serious, and we were very concerned about the possilble punishment. However, David Frank was able to get the charges reduced and dismissed. Our son has a good chance at starting over and creating a good life for himself. Atty. Frank and his very supportive office staff helped us all through this difficult time.

Testimonial for David Frank

David Frank saved me. That may sound melodramatic, but the man helped me through one of the scariest times of my life.

I was distraught to find myself in the midst of the embarrassing and costly situation of being charged with a DUI and David Frank was the only attorney that made me feel as is he would really fight for me. I was nervous and scared but he reassured me with his confidence and professionalism. Throughout each step of the case he was there for me, keeping me informed and offering advice. His skills brought my case to the best possible outcome and I couldn't be more pleased.

On the first day I meet Mr. Frank he told me he would do his best to make it go away for me and that is exactly what he did! I will be forever grateful that I hired Mr. Frank to represent me.

Trustworthy, Professional and Caring Lawyer

Mr. David Frank is an honest, professional and knowledgeable. He is currently representing our son who has been accused of murder and aggravated robbery. Since day one Mr. Frank has been on the job giving us direction and advice. He has been very involved in the case and kept us informed of all possibilities. He is respectful and non judgmental and really cares about the clients and families he represents. We have never felt like just another client to him; we always felt he was giving full attention to our case. He works through the night and on the weekends to ensure he is prepared for every hurdle we faced and was willing to accommodate our schedules for meetings. We recently went to through a weeklong trial and due to his diligence, hard work and knowledge the prosecution failed to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt and a mistrial was granted. Although we still have a ways to go, Mr. Frank has not missed a beat. He is steps ahead of the rest of us and is still working hard on a resolution. I am confident that because Mr. Frank's vast knowledge of the law, desire to represent his clients to the best possible resolution and genuine caring nature that we will have a reasonable outcome in our case. If you are looking for someone who is going to answer your calls, return your emails, keep you informed and represent you as if you were the only client; he is the one. I will never forget what he has done for our family and I would recommend him to anyone in need of a good lawyer.

Case Resolved

Mr. Frank is an excellent Lawyer. On Feb. of 2010, I was arrested for a third degree felony. I started out with a Lawyer who did not respond to my calls promptly, and who talked about doing this and doing that on my behalf but never did anything. So when I saw that no progress was being made on my case and that things were actually becoming a little more complicated for me because of two previous felony convictions, which the prosecutor wanted to use to enhance my sentence (20 to 25 yrs.) as a three time offender, I knew I had no time to waste and that I had to change Lawyers.

Someone recommended Mr. David Frank to me. I felt a glimpse of hope after talking to him. I hired him in May, 2010. He immediately filed a speedy trial motion for me which was brilliantly structured and full of relevant legal arguments in my defense.

Five months later, in mid October 2010 my case was heard in court in front of the Judge. Mr. Frank did an excellent job in presenting every bit of evidence that could be presented in my defense and was brilliant in his closing argument and also in his response to the Prosecutor’s closing argument.

I would without hesitation recommend Mr. David Frank to any one who wants an excellent attorney.

Excellent efforts provided by Mr. David Frank

My acquaintance with Mr. David Frank was in relation to my son, who was being charged with a federal crime. My first impression of Mr. Frank was that of a very professional individual who took his work very seriously. He listened to my concerns, and was very professional during this entire ordeal. He made sure to explain the process to us and would respond to our emails and phone calls very quickly. Throughout this process, Mr. Frank worked digently on my son's case and was always prepared while we attended court hearings. My son did feel Mr. Frank represented him well and did his best to help him with this situation. I consider Mr. Frank to an excellent example of what a true honest attorney represents, and will be grateful to him for his endless efforts to represent my son in his case.


My grandson had previously had some minor escapades with the law which were a result of alcohol and which were misdeamor in nature. Our family had tried many means to try and help him see the error of his ways. Nothing worked, and as a result of alcohol and probably drugs, his behavior resulted in domestic violence on two occasions. Now we were facing felony charges. My son, simply picked Mr. Frank's name out of the telephone book since his son, my grandson, had landed in jail again. I think the good Lord was looking after us on that occasion. We knew we had serious problems to deal with and the fact that my grandson was not totally honest with Mr. Frank made his job very tough. This attorney is the most caring, compassionate person I have every dealt with. He seems to truly care about his clients and works extremely hard to not only counsel the accused, but to help the family deal with the intricate legal system. His fees are fair and he has worked with us on a payment plan that helped tremendously. I wish I could tell you that we won the case and my grandson walked free, but no, he is now in prison. Mr. Frank has worked out a deal so that possibly my grandson will be able to find out what prison life is like through the Shock program. Our family knows he could be behind bars for a long time unless he does as he is asked. Even though it was the saddest day of my life, it was also one of great relief to know that he would have mend his ways. I think incarceration probably could save his life and his soul. I truly believe this was God's plan ,because I had prayed for help for my grandson for so long. What I am trying to convey here is while the person may be guilty, it doesn't mean they are bad people. They are people that need help and sometimes that means going to prison. If my grandson, had been honest with his attorney he would not be in the situation he is in now and he truly knows this now. A family going through this turmoil needs someone who know the law and will be completely honest and forthright with you. He has a lady, Rochelle, working in his office that is also the best. She is there when Mr. Frank is out of the office or in court, but manages to help when you are so stressed and think the bottom has dropped out of your world. I would recomment this attorney to anyone who has legal issues, especially if they are criminal acts. This is when you need the best, and Mr. Frank is the best.


I spent years in felony court, sometimes twice a month, watching the other attorneys come in and out joking around with each-other and the prosecutors. I remember one time even hearing a prosecutor chatting it up with an attorney about how wasted they got the night before.

David was by far the most professional attorney that stepped foot into that court room every time. He kept conversation brief and spent his time in court concentrating on his clients. He was obviously held in high respects by the judges and the DA.

I came to him on a 3rd offense felony DWI. I almost went with the big hot shot DWI guy in Austin because he was a good salesman. I thank God every day that I made the choice to go with David. He is a good person with his clients best interest at heart. It did not take long for me to realize how intelligent he was and I felt comfortable putting my life in his hands. I trusted his decisions.

After an awful plea bargain from the DA he took the case to the court of appeals on the grounds that a mandatory unwarranted blood draw with two priors was, although legal in the state of Texas, an extreme violation of our constitutional rights. It took some time but we won in the court of appeals and the evidence was unmissable.

There is no doubt this would have been a dismissal had I have refused the field sobriety test at the time of arrest. However, David got my felony dropped to a class b misdemeanor with no jail time, no probation, no fines, no community service and time served on my interlock device. He even got the 6K in surcharges waved because I could not afford it.

I should be in prison and I am not. I can finally move on with my life and concentrate on my children and my goals without being constantly reminded of my mistakes. I have a brighter future thanks to David Frank. He deserved 7 times what I payed him. He worked very hard on my case as where some of the attorneys I have hired in the past did not. David puts all of those lawyer jokes to shame. He is a good man.

Again, look no further. THIS IS AN ATTORNEY YOU CAN TRUST!!

Excellent Representation

Mr. Frank was extremely professional during my case and based on what I observed, the other attorneys in the court room respected him as a mentor in their profession. Mr. Frank walked me through every step of the duration of my case and answered all questions that I had. Additionally, at the time, I was dealing with multiple cases in many jurisdictions, and he still chose to represent me in this case. It was a tough road, but he kept my best interests at the top of the priority list and followed through with everything that he was trying for in my case. Mr. Frank is a highly dependable defense attorney that gets the job done right.

Total Pro

David was a real go getter for me. We assessed the situation and together put together a plan. He knows what he is doing and I am so thankful to find David and the outcome. Also a plus is his office staff. Lisa was available every time I called. Everything helps during the stressful time. It is 1 yr since the arrest and I have moved back to my life.